Row filter for 1 date per ID for dataset with multipe periodes per ID

Hey all, I have a table with multilpe rows per ID, each row has a different entry date. Now i want to filter the relevant row during a certain date in the past. So if an ID has 3 rows: a row with entry date 2020-12-20, a row with entry date 2020-12-25 and a row with entry date 2021-01-15 than the result of my example filter date of 2021-01-01 should be the row of 2020-12-25. This because the first entry date is overruled by the second entry date and the third entry date did not exist yet.

can anybody explain what me to do? Thanks in advance for your reply!


I guess i nailed it bij placing a row filter first to filter away all the higher entry dates, then i placed a duplicate row filter with in tab Options only ID in the right panel and in the tab Advanced “maximum of entry date”

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Sounds like you solved this one yourself. Thanks for following up for the benefit of everybody!

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