row filter node - filtering string in date format

Hi, I need your help to solve a problem:
I have a table with a string field (let me say DateField) containing data in date format like “2019-09-12” (for example), and I would like to filter (exclude) all the rows with values in DateField greater than (for example) “2019-07-31”
I tried Row Filter node in many different ways without success.
It would be really good taking the “limit value” (2019-07-31) from a flow variable defined at the begining with a string-input node
Any suggestions?
Many thanks for your help

Hi @mauipm

With the String to DateTime node you can convert the string easy to a date-format. And then using the DateTime-based Row Filter is straightforward. See this wf filter_date_time.knwf (14.6 KB)

gr. Hans


Many many thanks Hans; so simple and effective


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