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I have 2 tables and each has one column, I want to filter out rows in the first table in which column value contains any value in column of the second table.
Table 1
Rowid Column
1 this is the first row
2 this is the second row
3 this is the third row

n this is the nth row

Table 2
Rowid column
1 second
2 fifth

my desired result will be without row 2, 5.
any suggestions to handle this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Hawk326040

Thanks for your question!

Did you try the joiner node?

Here are also some videos explaining the node configuration:


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Hi there @Hawk326040,

think you example with rows can be a bit confusing. Nevertheless here you can check workflow that should do the trick if I got you right:

Similar issue (all in one column) was discussed here if you want to try different approach: Remove rows that are contained (as sub-strings) in other rows


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I had a similar requirement few months back. I accomplished it using Knime, but it was extremely slow when working with a large dataset. So I implemented this in R instead and used it in Knime. Here is how:


Hi Martyna, Ivan & Saqib,
Thanks for sharing your experience and useful workflow. Based on your workflow, I created a new workflow and its executed time is acceptable when running with a large dataset.
Here is my workflow in KNIME Hub:



good to hear you found a solution for your issue and especially that you share it on the Hub!
Very cool!


Nice one @Hawk326040!

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