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Dear Knime experts and enthusiasts! Need some help.

Situation + Node already applied.

Basically,I want to find difference between lower row and upper row value which is Price.By using Lag column I have found. Now I want to remove/ filter all rows where the difference is “0”. I have applied row filter and function I have given
(1) Excludes rows having exact match as 0: Output- still many rows having value 0 is showing.
(2) Excludes rows having upper bound math as 0: Output- still 1 row having Value 0 is showing.

Please help.

Hi @ravi13,

I guess the values are very small decimals close to zero so in table view you see zeros but actually it’s not. To check this: in the table view, right click on the column header and select “Available Renderers > Full Precision”.


Thanks It’s showing value as 1.2323
But I have subtracted value [ 561.23 - 561.23 ] so ideally my answer must be 0.

Can you please guide me for this.


Just to understand your case better, may I ask how are calculating the difference? Which node are you using?

Is it Lag Column > Math Formula > Row Filter

Is it possible to share your workflow with a sample data?


Yes, it’s Lag Column > Math Formula > Row Filter.

Sorry data is confidential but I can give you just jinx

I want to deduct Price in below row from Above row
Date Price Difference(Required result)
15-Mar-2020 60 00
20-Mar-2020 55 05
21-Mar-2020 55 00
22-Mar-2020 51 04

Now when I am filtering value “0” (for removing), Some rows still shows value “0”.

Hope You got the issue.

So this workflow is what you have:

21771-1-1.knwf (24.6 KB)

Would you please check and let me know which part does not work for you as expected?



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