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Hi, I am interested in data science and I am quite new to knime. I have a question about the grouping the data in Excel. I have an xlsx file with two columns. in the xlsx file there is information about 2000 people. This informations titles are in the column A, and infos are in the column B . in data, when the information of one person is completed, the order of the other person's data begins. There are about 10 unique title in the A column. People have some of these titles, maybe some people have all. What I want to do is to convert these data in columns by unique titles in column A and write the data in column B into rows. But how?

That is how my data looks:

name john
age 12
name katy
age 14
shoe-size 38
name henry
shoe-size 37
country england
name stephan
age 21
shoe-size 43
country US

What i want is:

name age shoe-size country
john 12    
katy 14 38  
henry   37 england
stephan 21 43 US

Thanks in advance.

Hi tlhztrk,

You can do this with the Pivoting node. However, you will first need to add one column that identifies all the rows that belong to one person. You can then use this column as Group column in the Pivoting node, column A as Pivot column and column B as Aggregation column.



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