Row order

I have a table that has the Row ID "Row1", "Row2" etc.  After manipulating my data the Row ID is not sequential.  If I use the sorter node to sort by Row ID I get the unwanted result "Row1", "Row10", "Row 11".  Is there anyway to around this?

See this post here;


A workaround is to use the Maths Formula node before manipulating data to add a column with sequential numbers in, so in Maths node, use RowIndex.

Then after manipulation use Sorter node on this new column. Rather cumbersome, but the only solution so far...


The RowID node was made for this. Check the top checkbox and it'll generate new RowID's.

Thanks, I did something similar using a java snippet to pull out the RowID and replace the "Row" with "" and then string to number, rejoined to original table and sorted numerically.  Maybe KNIME could implement the option in the RowID node to create a pure numerical list of row IDs in future.

nbrooijmans, I think you misunderstand. Using the RowID to regenerate new RowIDs will not allow you to get back the original row order of the table.


I've surfaced this again in our issue tracking system. 


See also for a continued discussion.