RProp MLP Learner: Only Double Columns for Input


I’m trying to use the RProp MLP Learner, but i get an error saying “Only double columns for input”. It is true that all my variables are double type, but they cant be used with RProp, do they need to be an integer?


Hi @beatriz1490,

this warning usually comes up, if your table contains any non-double columns (except your class column). Could you make sure, that the data types of your columns are really recognised as double columns? You can see that by the little icon next to your columns name (see screenshot).

Here the icons indicate that Col0 is of type integer, Col1 is of type double and Col2 is of type string:

You can easily convert string columns to double columns using the String to Number node. Any other columns that are not of type double (except your class column) need to be removed from the table (using the Column Filter node).

I hope that helps. Please let me know in case your are still encountering problems.

Kind regards,

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