Rprop Visualization possible?

Is it possible to visualize the links in a neural network in Knime?

something similar then this, but then with the variables used in knime?


thanks in advance

Hi @Frankpoels,

This is currently not possible from within KNIME Analytics Platform. You can, however, export the trained neural network to PMML and get the weights from this file for manual visualization (using a graphing library).


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Hi Stefan, @stelfrich
Do you know of any tutorial I can find to do this? Or steps i can folllow?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Frankpoels,

I have worked out a small example on how to parse a PMML to re-create the network structure for visualization within KNIME:

There’s lots of room for improvements, e.g. having a grid layout with precomputed positions base on the network layer, etc. But it should be a good starting point for your journey. Hope this helps!



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