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Hi, I'm Marzia 

I need to analize 50 webpages with her content , I do my workflow, started with  Parse an Rss Feed, but the problem is that when I'm loading a page and it trasforms in string document, I have to read in to each post but it ends when it find "Continue reading". I want that it reads inside the content the posts!

I'm looking for your example about Knime forum data...but I don't Know, it is so complicate, and I don't want forum but all the web page. Is a problem about Rss Feed?

Can you help me please??



Hi Marzia,

can you please show your workflow and describe exactly what you're trying to achieve and which at which part it does not work as expected?


Hi, I understand that RSS feed it isn't correct for my work, because the webpage doesn't use it. Now I want to analize the content of this page, to find how many thims brand are named and ext, ext...I tried to understand your example Knime forum data but it is so difficult for me.

So what do you think I have to do? 

Table creator where I put my 50 link.- Url Normalizer-HttpRetriever-HtmlParser_ string to documt?

It is important that i can read in all the content of the page...if there is  apost that and with "Continue reading" I have to impot also that!

I hope that I explain better the case!


Hi i have the following problem since the update of knime last january ! 

I try to parse a rss feed ! 

ERROR FeedParser           0:32:41    Execute failed: ws.palladian.retrieval.parser.ParserException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 15; columnNumber: 343; Le type d'élément "n.length" doit être suivi des spécifications d'attribut, ">" ou "/>" 


Thank you very much in advance


Is the feed valid XML? Does this happen with every feed you're trying to parse? Can you supply a sample URL? Can you show your workflow?

Kind regards,

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