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Hi everyone,
I started newly learn Knime and I need some help.
I have a news brief in the form of RSS. The generated XML file from RSS does not appear to have any style information associated with it.
I want to get information from a specific Tag in XML and after that try to get a cloud visualization.
The link to RSS is:

The specific tag is:
<category emm:trigger=

Thanks a lot for feedback

Hi @megmo

Just to clarify, if the line in the XML is:

<category emm:trigger="(tc_monitor_a-b)as[2]; access[1]; virtually[1]; internet[1]; article[1]; ">tc_monitor_filter_sv_en</category>

What exactly are the words that you’re trying to extract?

I nedd these wordss: as, access, virtually, internet, article.

Couldn’t use any of the existing XML tools, so I treated it like regular text. Have a look:


Thanks a lot for your help. I hope I can visualize the results.

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I tried to add pubDate as a column but it doesnt work. Is there any possibility to extract pubDate for every item beside the trigger words?


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