Rule-Based Row Filter and Flow Variable > Using "IN" function

Hi all,

I’m trying to filter some rows using the ÏN" function based on the value of a flow variable.

$non_managed$ IN (“Y”,“N”) => TRUE

varNonManaged = “Y,N”

I used something like

$non_managed$ IN ($${varNonManaged}$$) => TRUE

Unfortunately it is not working and the output table is empty no matter what.

My idea is that somehow the node is converting the string variable before applying the function and in that conversion something is change the actual string that is passed…

Any advice or documentation on how to effectively use flow variables in Rule-based Row Filter functons?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @BCadete

If you need to compose your conditions beforehand based for instance on variables or on values stored in a table, the best should be to use the -Rule-Based Row Splitter (Dictionary)- node which allows to interpret previously generated/composed rules stored in a separate table.

@wkhan posted a very nice example in the KNIME hub which could be of guidance on how to implement this kind of tricks:

Hope it is of help. Otherwise please post here a bit of data and your rules and we will be happy to help further.



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