Rule Based Row Filter - Case Sensitive

Any one run into issue where if you dont use the case sensitive search keyword, you will get no results?

Knime AP 4.3

Column Name: SomeColumnName
Row Value 1: Xyz DeF ABC001 ghi 4501d
Row Value 2: XyA BeF CDF002 4599a

Rule Based Row Filter Node:
This expression returns results
$SomeColumnName$ LIKE “ABC001” => TRUE
This expression does not return results (“node created an empty data table”)
$SomeColumnName$ LIKE “abc001” => TRUE

Row Filter Node returns results - with ‘case sensitive’ option NOT selected

Is this observation with Rule Based Row Filter by design, or is this a bug?

KNIME in general is a case sensitive as it written on Java.

Hello @wtfstoops69,

don’t think it’s a bug. More like missing feature. Luckily there is easy workaround using Row Filter node as you figured it out. Also what is used are lowerCase()/upperCase() functions from String Manipulation node to circumvent it.



Hello @wtfstoops69 ,

We have opened up a feature request AP-16382 to try and have it be non-case sensitive. Please check our change logs for the feature’s future release.



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