Rule-based Row filter LIKE OR combined

I have a column named appt_name which includes free text.

I want to keep only the rows that include at least the words "repair" OR "service"

I use the Rule-based Row filter node and I write the following:

$appt_name$ LIKE "*repair*" OR $appt_name$ LIKE "*service*"=>TRUE

and it does not not give me what I need. What's the right expression.


Thank you.


In order to include all cases, I wrote:

$appt_name$ LIKE "*Service*" OR $appt_name$ LIKE "*Repair*" OR $appt_name$ LIKE "*service*" OR $appt_name$ LIKE "*repair*" =>TRUE

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Another solution is you could run a string manipulation node before the rules based row filter, and put everything in lower case using the lower() command.  Your method works too.



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