Rule-based Row Filter

Hi there,

I would like to configure the following filter, but I struggle, can someone help?

Given the input:

I would like to filter (in this example) on the red marked values:

criteria for filter: sum of Column “1” or sum of column “row_sum” is per projekt (column “Projekt”) bigger then 4 Mio.

So in this Example: Projekt “F.3025” is filtered, because column “row_sum” is aggregated bigger then 4 Mio.

Thank you for help!


Hi @Markus3003

This won’t be an one node solution I’m afraid because the group needs to be considered. Can you please upload the dataset as you showed in a short workflow? This one is a bit annoying to recreate by ourselves.



test_data_knime.xlsx (9.7 KB)

thank you :slight_smile:

This is a way to get it.

Key points here are to get the sum of both mentioned columnes whereby Project acts as groups. You mention 4 million being the threshold, but the value of Project F.3025 is actually minus 4.6 million. I counter this by taking the absolute value of it, but you’re actual usecase will make this required or not. Thereafter the Rule-Based Row Filter which filters anything out above the set threshold.

I use this information to bring it back to the main data flow with a left antijoin that filters out all records belonging to group F.3025.

See WF:
Rule-based Row Filter applied to sum group.knwf (31.0 KB)

Hope this helps!


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