Rule Based Row Splitter Question

Hello all,

I am using the Rule Based Row Splitter and the TRUE Output seems incomplete. In the Configuration for the Expression I am using: $QuestionText$ LIKE “Which distributor*” => TRUE

The True Output is only capturing some of the Data (Notice I have a Wildcard in the Expression) Am I doing this correctly? Below is a Screen Shot of What I want from the Output. Two Tables. FYI NOT Case Sensistive

The Rule Based Row Splitter seems to have a problem with the “?”
This is probably not intentional, i think it might be a bug in the node.
You could use the usual Row Splitter Node with wildcard option as a replacement.

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Hi @Keydet99,

I am able to get the entire entry on the output. The comparison is case sensitive so you will have to convert the value on a prior node or test for all possible combinations for example: $QuestionText$ LIKE “Which Distributor*” OR $QuestionText$ LIKE “Which distributor*” => TRUE

Here is the input table:

And the first output in the Rule-based Row Splitter is: