Rule Engine but Columns have $ in the Name

Rule engine is awesome, however I have a column named "Sales $"... Of course $Sales$$ confuses it.. I can't put it in quotes, or whatnot... My workaround has been to use a Column Rename node, but I would rather preserve the naming convention, so it would be ideal if there was a certain syntax or escape character that I could use directly within the Rule that still lets me refer to that column?

I haven't tried it but a typical escape character is to use a backslash before the character, so you would use



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It is not possible to use it that way with the rule engine nodes. (I think renaming the column to "Sales USD" (or other currency $ means) would be an improvement.) In this case you can use the Java Snippet nodes in case you would not like to rename the column.

Cheers, gabor