Rule engine by row matching value

I need help on merging rows if there are matching values by row, and use nodes other than Joining (because an error is showing and is not working). Please see sample below:



Hello ReynaMain,

could you please attach an example workflow? Maybe we can try to solve the merging error.

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this is what i initially have joining Column2 and Column 5 on matched rows. It throws an error (I could not match column3 and column6 because on the real data im working on, this is not like this). So I included Left and Right unmatched rows and think of a way to merge rows by matching row value.

Hi ReynaMain,

sorry but I can’t understand the problem. Can you create a small dataset and a workflow so I can try to reproduce the error and solve it?

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Hi @ReynaMain , I don’t see any error in your messages. You are just getting warnings about the fact that the join did not return any data.

If this is not what you expected, then you are probably not joining on the correct data.

Based on the information you have presented so far, it is not clear what the input data is. Is it coming from 2 tables, or are you joining data from the same table?

And what exactly is the expected output? Only what you highlighted in green, meaning only Column5, Column6 and Column7 would be in the output?

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