Rule Engine - Configuration Dialog Shows Empty Expression

I’m going to describe what I witness these days. I’m not sure about the right scenario on how to simulate the issue. It happens randomly.
I would not swear it occurs in KNIME AP 4.2.2 on Windows but I don’t remember seeing it on Mac. But I can be wrong about this.
Sometimes I open a configuration of a Rule Engine node I already created, configured, and possibly even already invoked. And I can see its Expression area blank. There is no rule at all despite the fact I remember pretty sure I did put some rules there. I can find a log entry in the console that informs: “2020-10-16 09:47:48,102 ERROR Rule Engine 0:935:0:957 Error loading model settings”
So I cancel the dialog and after I re-open it I can see my rules back.
Well, does not happen too often but it happens often enough to ask KNIME team to address it.

Hello @jan_lender,

Ticket created (AP-15365). Experienced same as well on Windows.



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