Rule Engine=> Dealing with "case-sensitive" + Join new columns in one table



I am facing two issues with rule engine. I would appreciate help to overcome that:


a) Dealing with "case-sensitive"

In "Rule Engine" node description is mentioned that "all operators are case-sensitive". Actually, I need to write conditions in which "case-sensitive" doesn't matter.


For instance, I am looking for the term "operation management" anywhere it appears in bigger sentences as “Platform for intelligent business operation management” or “Operation management in reconfigurable manufacturing systems”.


I wrote my condition as "$Title$ LIKE "*operation management*".


The problem is that I have lots of variations in the way the term is written: Operation Management, Operation management, OPERATION MANAGEMENT, etc.


How to disable "case-sensitive" direct in "rule engine" node? If not, is there any workaround that could be done to handle this issue in Knime?


b) Join new columns in one table

Join new columns in one tableJoin new columns in one tableMy workflow has tree “rule engines” that are looking for "*operation management*" in title, abstracts and keywords. As output, I have three new columns (one in each “rule engine”) that I would like to join in a single/same table. Which node allow me to do that?


Ps.: The image of my workflow is attached. I tried the nodes "column combiner", "joiner" and others to create a single table from the three “rule engines” but they seems not be the right nodes. 


Many thanks in advance,


Hi Cadu,

I beleive the case sensitivity part of the sentence refers to the operator names, for example you cannot substitute LIKE with Like, or like in the rules. If you want to find the text operation management in a case insensitive way, I would suggest the String Manipulation (for example indexOf(lowerCase($Title$), "operation management") ) or a Java Snippet node and a Row Filter node.

The Joiner node would help for your second problem in my opinion, although with row filters you will not need it imho.

(With regular expressions you can also specify to use case insensitive search if you need more complex search expressions.)

I would take a look at the text processing extension though, maybe it has some better tools for your problems.

Cheers, gabor

There is a way round this in which you can still use the rule engine node. Try putting in the Case converter node before your rule engine node. This way you won't have the case variations in your text.

not sure if rule engine supports it, but you might be able to skip the case converter and try this in the rule engine node

UPPER ($col1$) LIKE "TEXT"



Thanks for your answers. I achieved my workflow based on that!