Rule engine for Merging two columns of data

Hi All,

I have a data set which contains two columns ,month1, and month 2 along with other variables .Month1 will have values Jan,Feb,March till the current month and some nulls(even though it is with in the current month in Month2).In Month2 we have all the 12 months.Wherever we have data for Month1 , Month1 and Month2 will match. I need to filter Month2 for all the months till Current Month.Could you please help me to find by which I can achieve this. Please refere the attached excel for your reference

test.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Hi @Nidhin123,

Sorry for the very late reply!
I hope I understood your problem correctly. You want to filter out all the rows which do have a Month2 after the current month? If we can assume that Month1 has at least once a non-missing value for each of the months until the current one, you can use a GroupBy node to detect months in Month2 which do not have an entry in Month1 and use then a Row Filter and a Reference Row Filter to filter the origin table.
Attached, you can find a solution workflow for this. Let me know if this is not what you were searching for.


filter_month2.knwf (18.4 KB)