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I am trying to use Rule Engine to change the value in a column, when there are duplicates of a row.
E.g. I have a Column called Image_Type, the values all say Kv_Portal. When there are duplicate rows, I want the value to be changed to Kv_Pair instead.

Hope that makes sense.
Thank you in advance

Hi @rgray and welcome to the KNIME community.

Have you already identified the duplicates? If not you can use the Duplicate Row Filter to do so, but on the Advanced tab, ensure it is set to “Keep duplicate rows” as follows, and “Add column showing duplicates” is selected:

Then follow it with a Rule Engine, where you could have a rule:

$Image_Type$ = "Kv_Portal" AND NOT $duplicate-type-classifier$ = "unique" => "Kv_Pair"
TRUE => $Image_Type$


thank you very much. worked a treat.

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