Rule engine: How to create a rule searching the word 'work' but not 'network'?



I am trying to create a rule in which condition is

$Title$ LIKE "*work*

but I need to exclude the word 'network'.

I tried several rules, as 

$Title$ LIKE "*work* AND $Title$ NOT LIKE "*network*"

but I couldn't achive the result.


Could anyone provide an idea how to handle that through 'rule engine'?


Many many thanks,



($Title$ LIKE "*work*) AND NOT ($Title$ LIKE "*network*") should do it (NOT can only be applied to a boolean expression but not to an operator).

Well, the question is whether "work hard in the network" would match or not. I had the impression it should match as it contains the word "work", even if it also contains "network". If it shouldn't, I think this is the expression Cadu is looking for. If it should, I think replacing work with word boundaries around it (specified by a regex) with a special expression (maybe some exotic unicode character) and than using that expression in the Rule Engine this should work.

If the word "work" will not be the first word in the sentence you can always just go:

$Title$ LIKE "* work*.

Basically just putting a space in front of the word "work"

Keep in mind though that this will still return words like "worker" and "works" ect.

To only get the word work you can put a space either side of the word.

To get 100% accuracy though you will need to clean the data first though getting rid of full stops and any other characters like hyphens and apostrophes, putting a space at the beginning of each sentence ect



Thanks everybody for so handy answers!


The trick of inserting a space before in front of the word "work" did a great job to remove occurrences of "network". Besides, I didn't want the composed word "occupation work". So at the end the rule become:

($Title$ LIKE "* work*") AND NOT ($Title$ LIKE "*occupation work*")


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