Rule Engine "IN' Statement

I have been trying to use the following formula in Rule Engine and get the following error "line 5, col 40: Expected a number, boolean, string, column, a table property or flow variable reference"  Any thoughts on why I am getting this error?

($CLM_DGNS_CD$   IN  ("41001", "41011", “41021”, “41031”, “41041”, “41051”, “41061”, “41071”, “41081”, “41091”, “I2101”, “I2102”, “I2109”, “I2111”, “I2119”, “I2121”, “I2129”, “I213”, “I214”, “I220”, “I221”, “I222”, “I228”, “I229”) => TRUE

What is the format of $CLM_DGNS_CD$? Furthermore, the first ( does not have a ).

It seems your parentheses do not match (there is an extra '(' at the beginning of the rule), also from the “41021”, the quotes are not regular ", but non-symmertic opening and closing quote unicode characters, which make them non-strings. I guess those are copied from Word or some other intelligent tool.

Thanks for your advice.  The format of the " was the issue.  I had used word to create and never realized there was a paranthesis format difference.  Do you know of a editing tool that allows find/replace that uses the parenthesis format that KNIME likes rather than the one that word uses?

I guess most of the editing tools allow find/replace. Microsoft's Word Online seems to not doing the smart quoting automatically, so that might be an alternative. Usually tools for word processing have an option to automatically correct the quoting/spelling according to the language preferences. Less intelligent tools might be more useful for creating rules. An alternative for your task might be the String Replace (Dictionary) node, though based on your rule you might want to filter based on this value, not create a new column.

(You can specify a column too for the rules, so if you add a collection constant column to the table, that would also work.)

I use notepad++ for every manual text editing tasks. On mac OS I use rstudio instead…