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usually when I want to identify keyword in a column to create a new output column i would use the LIKE function for example:
$Product Description$ = “DRUG*”=> “DRUG NAME”
$Product Description$ = “BANDAID*”=> “SUPPLIES”

however, I am dealing with a dataset that has a lot of different types of production description so I would need to rewrite this rule structure at least 50 times for different drugs.

I have instead created a list of drug key words and a corresponding desired output as a 2 columns table and then used “table rows to variable” node to convert them to variable . I wanted to use this as variable instead of typing out each of the rule. for example:

$Product Description$ LIKE $${Skeyword}$$ => $${SMaterial Name}$$

However, it is not working since I cannot place * for wildcard around the variables. all outputs are “missing values”

is this the correct approach? and what would be an alternative to this?

Thank you in advance.

Look if this node do the job for you


thank you so much. although it’s not exactly what I imagined, this seems to work out as an alternative solution.

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