Rule Engine Node : Problems with MATCHES


i want to change a String “A8 Angebotsaktualisierung” in a Column called $STATUS$ to “A8*=*Angebotsaktualisierung

I’ve successfully done this with Rule Engine Node in another example, but it doesn’t work this time. Could it be the blank?

input table
Bild der Tabelle

Rule Engine

Bild der ausgeführten Rule Engine Node

I thank you in advance for a tip


The space should not matter. I copied the terms you mentioned in your post directly into the Rule Engine node and get the desired result.


$column1$ MATCHES "A8 Angebotsaktualisierung" => "A8=Angebotsaktualisierung"
TRUE => $column1$

I would double check your MATCH statement.

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Hi @ArjenEX ,

i try - but the result is the same :thinking:


Hi @ArjenEX again,

I copied the string A8 Angebotsaktualisierung from the original Excel table and inserted it into the Rule Engine Node.

It works now!

This probably means that something in the string was different from what I entered. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you.

Hi @USCHUKN1ME Your spelling in the Rule Engine didn’t match with the raw data. You missed the letter i when you did it the first time around.

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Small cause, big effect - sorry

:see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Perhaps it’s time to buy spectacles :rofl: Just kidding :ok_hand:

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