Rule Engine sum up to variables

Hi guys,

how can i add to variables together.

Rule Engine

TRUE => $$ROWINDEX$$ + $${INumber Rows}$$ + 1

In finish i wanna have a column with autoincrement the rows from 2 tables.

What about just using the Counter Generation node? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding your question.


well you’re right. But i use a variable for that.

Thats why my min row in Counter Generation is ExistingVar + 1.
The existingvar is the maxrow counter from a table…

how can i easily add + 1 more to the counter.

and for what can i use the field next to the flow variable (like picture)


You can use the Math Formula (Variable) to add a value to a numeric variable.

The input box next to the list option: You can input a name in this box to create a new variable which will have the value of the corresponding configuration. For example, if you enter 5 as Min Value in the configuration window of the node and enter a name like “someName” in that box that you have circled, then after executing the node, you will have a variable named “someName” with the value of 5.



Hi there @Paddymaster,

In Rule Engine node calculations are not possible. You can try Column Expressions node as well.


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