Rule engine that refers to the row filter value?


is there a node like the rule engine that refer to the row filter value?

For example:

I have two columns. One called: fruits and the other price.
Then in the fruits column there is in Row 1 an apple
In row 2 a strawberry,…

And then I filter for apple. Then I want to use the price of the apple and multiply it with a fix number, which is only valid for the apple.

For example the apple price is 1,20. Then I multiply it with 2. If I filter for strawberry then i multiply it with 3.

Thank you.

Hi @Frank2323

I created this fruit factor.knwf (19.7 KB) . It filters the fruit (apple) and transforms it to flow variables, where its used to filter again on fruit and do the computation with the factor-var. fruit

gr. Hans


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