Rule Engine

Hello Together,

I am trying to use Rule Engine Node to perform the following activity.

I have one column in my data set for example,

I would like to create a new column 2


information from column 2 is not present in the data set. Column 1 is a string.
My idea is to use MATCH function in Rule engine

for example,
$Column 1$ MATCHES “AB” = “ok”
$Column 1$ MATCHES “CD” = “nst”
$Column 1$ MATCHES “EF” = “pok”
and so on…

I am not getting any results, may be because I am using function wrong on the first place.
Or may be another node is to be used.
Thank you in advance :grinning:

Hi @Yuvraj

It looks like you missed the > sign in your rule set:
$Column 1$ MATCHES “AB” => “ok”

gr. Hans


oh Yes, super. Thank you.
Alternatively, I fould out that I can also use “Replace” function in “String Manipulation” node

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