Rule engine

Hello everyone, I’m encountering issues with the rule engine that I can’t seem to resolve. Let me illustrate with an example: the first line sets a value equal to 161 (days calculated by summing the previous weeks 161/7= 23 previous operational states).
Operative = 161.0

The second line establishes a value equal to 168 (days calculated by summing the previous weeks 168/7= 24 previous operational states). And so forth…
Operative = 168.0
I arrive at Failure, and the difference in days is 7 (days since the last state change).
Failure = 7.0

Then the operative has 7 days compared to the previous one.
Operative = 7.0

Operative = 14.0

Operative = 21.0

Examples.xlsx (9.4 KB)


you can delete this post, since it is a duplicate of Rule engine - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum where I have replied you.

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