Run a complex custom DB SQL query without building it from the scratch!

How can we execute a complex custom query that involves 10 different tables (and three schemas) without starting to build the query from scratch?

Do you have a specific problem to access to database.
All you need just connect to DB and use DB Query Reader node to execute existing SQL script.


Thank you. That worked for almost the majority of the custom queries that I have, but I’m getting “ERROR DB Query Reader 3:1684 Execute failed: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended” error for a couple of queries. Does anyone have any idea while I’m getting this error while I’m able to run this query in SQL without any issues?

The simple solution for these cases to create a stored procedure and use it instead of script.

Thank you, Can you please elaborate what the “stored procedure” mean? Are you referring to creating a workflow or it’s something else? If you are referring to something else, can you please elaborate what you mean?

See here

The syntax and other specific depends on the database in use.
Search on Google examples for your DB.

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