Run a KNIME workflow the 25th day of every month

I am using the free KNIME 5.1.1 desktop version on a Windows 11 system. Ideally, I would like to move to the server edition; but at this point that is simply not an option.

I have a VERY simple workflow that:

  • Reads an excel file (The Excel read source doesn’t change.)
  • Calls a python script node that makes a few hundred API calls and collects data
  • Calls an Excel WRITE node to save the results in the folder where I need them. (The name and location of the Excel WRITE node over-writes the same file and doesn’t need to change.)

Instead of manually calling up KNIME and running the workflow on the 25th of each month, I would like to write a script to open knime, run the workflow, and then close.

Has anyone ever done this kind of operation before on a personal workstation basis?
Any example code snippets or suggestions?

…some options researched by Ivan in 2022. For your requirements (one single workflow once a month, …), Windows Automate in combination with the KNIME Batch Mode might be the quickest solution.

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