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I have the music record dataset that I want run apriori on it. The dataset set is described here Apriori Algorithm using Python: music records | Kaggle

The workflow I created is simple. I grouped by user and choose aggregation method as artist (unique concatenate). So at the end I have a row for each user with the artist list that each user listened to (user’s music history). I excluded sex and country. Then I used create collection column node to convert the artist list to collection and used apriori node to generate association rules. Unfortunately I’m getting an empty set of rules although I configured the min support to as low as 0.1. Please help! What’s wrong with my approach!

Hello @barayh ,
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Could you please share your workflow so that we can have a look at it?


Hello again,
Thanks in advance. This is my initial WF…

Week 9 - Association Rules.knwf (19.7 KB)

This is 10% and it is unlikely a rule will be able to cover that. In your linked example they go a low as 1% - 0.01 that is.

I did go to lower than that too but unfortunately I didn’t get any rules!

hi @barayh ,
simply made some changes on your workflow to the groupby node and setting of the confidence and support values learner.
Week 9 - Association Rules-MM.knwf (84.6 KB)



OHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH! :smiley: It is working finally

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