run data app problem

After running from knime business hub the workflow gives no errors but in the 'output does not show the data app screen but only a “successfully finisched” message; it is my first data app so the error might be trivial.

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Thanks for providing detailed screenshots of the setup and expected/actual results, this is very helpful in understanding the problem.

To me, this looks like a great workflow that should also display a visualization when run on your Business Hub.

One thing comes to my mind to check:
We have a preprocessing/performance feature that allows you to upload workflows with some nodes already executed (e.g. if you have a node that runs for a long time and always produces the same, little output this can be executed before uploading the workflow).

I could imagine that the visualization component was pre-executed, leading to it’s execution being skipped when run on the Hub. Could you try resetting the workflow before uploading it, or ticking the “Reset workflow” checkbox during upload?


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