Run knime as workflow test in a batch mode

Is it possible to run KW as test workflow in a batch mode(from command line)?

Yes, see:

I mean Run as workflow test, but from command line.

Yes - you need to change -application=... to -application=org.knime.testing.NGUnittestRunner.

If you run the command:

knime.exe -consoleLog -noexit -nosplash -application org.knime.testing.NGTestflowRunner

Then you will get a list of all the options available. Currently this is:

Valid arguments:
    -include <regex>: only tests matching the regular expression <regex> will be run. The complete path of each testcase starting from the testflows' root directory is matched, e.g. '/Misc/Workflow'.
    -root <dir_name>: optional, specifies the root dir where all testcases are located in. Multiple root arguments may be present.
    -server <uri>: optional, a KNIME server  from which workflows should be downloaded first. Has to be used with -serverPath.
                   Example: http://<user>:<password>@host[:port]/knime/rest
    -serverPath <path>: optional, a path on the KNIME Server that specifies which workflows should be downloaded first.
                   Example: /workflowGroup1/workflowGroup2
    -xmlResult <file_name>: specifies a single XML  file where the test results are written to.
    -xmlResultDir <directory_name>: specifies the directory  into which each test result is written to as an XML files. Either -xmlResult or -xmlResultDir must be provided.
    -outputToSeparateFile: optional, specifies that system out and system err are written to a separate text file instead of being included in the XML result file (similar to Surefire)
    -loadSaveLoad: optional, loads, saves, and loads the workflow before execution.
    -deprecated: optional, reports deprecated nodes in workflows as failures.
    -views: optional, opens all views during a workflow test.
    -dialogs: optional, additional tests all node dialogs.
    -logMessages: optional, checks for required or unexpected log messages.
    -ignoreNodeMessages: optional, ignores any warning messages on nodes.
    -untestedNodes <regex>: optional, checks for untested nodes, only node factories matching the regular expression are reported
    -save <directory_name>: optional, specifies the directory  into which each testflow is saved after execution. If not specified the workflows are not saved.
    -timeout <seconds>: optional, specifies the timeout for each individual workflow.
    -stacktraceOnTimeout: optional, if specified output a full stack trace in case of timeouts.
    -memLeaks <bytes>: optional, specifies the maximum allowed increaes in heap usage for each testflow. If not specified no test for memory leaks is performed.
    -streaming: optional, enables additional streaming test for workflows configured accordingly. The test streaming job manager is set and used for each single node.
    -preferences <file_name>: optional, specifies an exported preferences file that should be used to initialize preferences
    -workflow.variable <variable-declaration>: optional, defines or overwrites workflow variable 'name' with value 'value' (possibly enclosed by quotes). The 'type' must be one of "String", "int" or "double".



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