Run KNIME from own code


I'm interested in providing parameter combinations for a KNIME Workflow from an external framework which is written in Java. Is it possible to call KNIME from another Java application or is there another interface for "external" applications to provide variables/parameters to KNIME?

I'm looking for something like the weka.jar weka.gui.beans.FlowRunner Class that can be run from another java class and initializes Weka appropriately.

Alternativly, is there a way to speed up the invokation of the KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION significantly, I need to run several thousend different parameter sets and around 10 seconds start time is much too long.

Including KNIME in your application is only possible if it is Eclipse based. KNIME won't run properly if started outside the Eclipse framework.

You may have a look at loops in KNIME workflows. They can easily be used to execute the same part of a flow with different parameters.

In the meantime we are working on improving KNIME startup speed, but this will take some time.