Run workflow in Knime Hub Server


I have a knime hub server, and I managed to upload the local MS SQL Connection workflow into Knime Hub Server.

However, when I want to run the workflow from Knime Hub Server, it is not manage to run. May I know that we I can find the log for it? This is because I manage to run the workflow from KNIME analytic platform, but no Knime Hub Server

Thanks you

Hi @sylim to clarify, are you referring to KNIME Business Hub, or a KNIME Server?

HI Dora,

Is Knime Business Hub

Hi @sylim in KNIME Business Hub, logs about workflow execution can be found in the Hub’s Executor logs. If you would like to examine them, there are multiple options:

  • generate a support bundle as described in our Admin Guide, download and extract it, and check /support bundle-ID/cluster-resources/pods/logs/hub-execution/executor-ID/executor.log
  • check it in Lens/OpenLens (if you are familiar with it)
  • check it via command line, with the command:
    #kubectl logs -n hub-execution executor-pod-ID
    (Executor pods can be listed with the command:
    #kubectl get pods -n hub-execution)