Run Workflow on Remote Server

Hello Knime Community!

I am trying to run some heavy workflow (time series analysis using ARIMA) on my local machine and it takes fore ever to execute, is there a way to run Knime workflows on remote servers with more computational power.

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Hello @mohamedEl,

considering you did open up a topic in KNIME Server Category I’m sharing a page with more info about KNIME Server (which is indeed intended for, among other things, running heavy workflows) :wink:

However considering you are new user think it worth checking if you can speed up your workflow by optimizing it. You can find blog post about it. A bit older but mostly valid.

Additionally there are many topics around workflow execution speed up so doing a forum search might be beneficial as well :wink:



thanks @ipazin, that was helpful.

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Glad to hear that @mohamedEl.

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