Run workflow on server

I’m a small business and currently using the analytics platform locally to run some workflows as part of evaluating Knime.

I want to run a few workflows either on a daily and weekly basis on the Knime Server. Being a small business I’m also aware of the heavy licensing cost. Also aware of the AWS & Azure options.

If I do already have a server and want to run the application on that and then schedule my jobs. Is that possible? Looking for inputs and help.


Dear @kapshaw

Welcome to the KNIME Community and to the KNIME Forum. Thank you for your message!

It would be great to understand more about your needs and goals on how you are planning to automate the execution of the workflows. KNIME offers the possibility to use KNIME Server on-prem or on the cloud, as you pointed out. Within the cloud offering KNIME Server is available both via BYOL (annual subscription) and via PAYG (pay as you go) subscription.
If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you!


Hi @kapshaw

a great solution to save money are actually our PAYG subscription, because you are only paying when you really need the server. This does mean you need to take care of staring and shutting down the instance when you do not need it. But you get this down to a hopefully reasonable price.

As @Vincenzo mentioned, it would be great if you could get in touch with us, than we can help you find a solution.

Best regards, Iris

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