Running a Knime workflow on a Unix shell

Hello everyone!


I have a workflow in Knime that needs to run on extremely large data, and my computer would take too long to process/analyze the data. Is there a way to run a Knime workflow on a Unix machine, since Knime is Java based?


Thank you!

I guess this might be useful for you: KNIME Batch mode. Hth, gabor

Thanks! Not quite what I was looking for since that requires a Windows or Mac installlation server, but I got access to a Linux server so I should be all set.



The batch executor works in all environments not only Mac or Windows.

Batch mode does indeed work great! Build and export the Windows workflow and transfer the created zip file to the Linux server (make sure you have also installed Knime and any plugins you need as well). Then use the batch mode to run the workflow you transferred making sure you change the names of the input and output files to be linux compatible (using -workflow.variable or -option as necessary)


That's exactly what I did. Thank you all very much!