Running report from Call Local Workflow fails after a huge delay

I have a BIRT report that runs smoothly when called from the workflow designer.

Since I need to output report results to PDF automatically, I decided to save this workflow and call it from a higher level, separate workflow. When I do this, report takes 30 minutes to run. After that, the output consists of hundreds of separate data files, instead of the expected PDF.

If there is any workaround it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @peleitor ,

Which KNIME Analytics Platform version are you using?
Is it possible for you to share an example workflow that reproduces the issue?


I am using 3.5.2 desktop, but the same issue has been verified on 3.5.3.
I am attaching the calling workflow (the one to run), the called workflow, and the data.
Thanks. (37.8 KB)

Hi @peleitor ,

Thanks for the example wf.
I believe that the reason why you are getting so many data files is because you created an empty data table consisting of 3000 data rows or so.
Also in the Binary Object to Files node you did not specify that you want to generate a .pdf file.
Could you please take a look at the .knar file attached and tell me if that solves your issue? The only thing you should change is the Output Directory in the Binary Objects to Files node.

Hope that helps!

Running report from Call Local Workflow.knar (181.0 KB)

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Even if I specify pdf generation, problem persists.

I found a solution though: just created a brand new workflow for the caller part, and it worked fine.

The problem I am facing now, is that this particular workflow does not run from the command line, it always ends in java exit code 4. Other workflows do run well.


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