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I’m looking to breakdown a customer order into pallets which are under 45 cubic ft. I attempted a two method to get pallets under 45 cubic feet but kept coming up with pallets over 45 cubic feet.

The closest I’ve gotten is with the follow method (Method B in the attached workflow) is

  1. Calculate the running total up to 45 cubic feet
  2. Assign a Pallet ID
  3. Group by Pallet ID to confirm the pallet is under 45 cubic feet

Does anyone know how I can update the workflow to always build a pallet under 45 cubic feet?
Calculate PLT Cube.knwf (104.2 KB)

Hi @KKF Welcome to KNIME Forum

I created this wf Calculate PLT Cube V2.knwf (102.7 KB).

It consists of 2 parts. First I created a record for item. This gives 230 items to distribute over the different pallets. For the distribution I used a recursive loop. Every loop the (remaining) records are split when the pallet amount of 44.9 cubic ft has been reached.


See if this works for you.

gr. Hans

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Thank you! This is very helpful! A few question if you don’t mind

For the One Row to Many node, is this node selected to improve performance of workflow’s with larger data? Originally, I didn’t have this node and had to update KNIME.

For the Row Splitter node, is the range checking to provide some kinda of tolerance compared to specifying a constant value of 45?

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Maybe this solution will create a dataset that is too large to handle? But see for yourself. Alternativly you use a Group Loop to proces every order one by one.

You can configure the Row Splitter with the a constant value 45. That is up to you. I had no special reason for 44.9.

All the best with your project. And if this solution works for you, mark this post (click the 3 … dots) as solved. Happy KNIMEing

gr. Hans

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