Running Workflows in the Server (WebPortal) are not visible in the KNIME GUI

Dear KNIME community,

after the last update (4.10.1) on the server I noticed a change in the WebPortal compared to the KNIME GUI.
Normally I could see the running workflows in the WebPortal on the KNIME GUI in the KNIME Explorer, read the error messages and save them if necessary.
For this purpose you could see an icon next to the running workflow to call functions. This symbol is no longer visible on the KNIME GUI.
Ansicht_WebPortal KNIME
Can anyone help me how to access the running workflows in the WebPortal from the KNIME GUI?

Thank you


are you logged in as the same user? If so, do you see anything in the KNIME logs?
If so, we encountered a bug due to some new functionality, which we already resolved but haven’t released yet. To check if you’re affected by this bug could you please hit the jobs REST endpoint?
Simply open this url in your browser and see if you get a meaningful response, i.e. something in a JSON format and no HTTP error:



Hey Moritz,

Thanks for the reply.
I checked in the url and there is a short message with ''no value present".
Do have an idea, when this problem will be resolved?



I currently don’t know when the next bugfix release will be, however, if you have direct access to the server (via SSH) then there is something you can do to fix the issue.

The problem we found is an issue when jobs are incompletely persisted to disk. These jobs contain then an invalid state once KNIME Server restarts which results in this unwanted problem. So what you can do is to identify these jobs and remove them. Since they seem to have an incomplete state anyways it should be save to remove them until we fully fixed the issue.

  1. Connect to your server via SSH and shut down KNIME Server
  2. Go into the directory <knime-repository>/jobs
  3. Find the jobs with the incomplete states:

grep -nrw -l -e “SUBNODE_EXECUTION” | xargs grep -l -e ““hasCurrentWizardPage” : null”

  1. Remove these job-folders and start KNIME Server again.

I’m really sorry for this inconvenience and hobe this helps.



Hey Moritz,

it did work! Thank you!

Best wishes,