S3 Connection (Legacy) Node Error

I am getting the above error when trying to connect to the “S3 Connection (Legacy)” Node. The credentials are correct as I used the same node successfully on my other computer, but recently got a new computer. I am on Knime 4.4.0 and have all the updates and extensions on it.

Any idea how I can get this node to run? I am on a Dell using Windows.


Hi @dlevy310 ,

May I ask why you are using the Legacy S3 Connection nodes? Can you please try to use the new Amazon S3 Connector nodes?

Could you also share the configuration of your Legacy node so that we can see how things should be set up in the new nodes?

Usually PKIX path failures have to do with SSL connections. Do you happen to know if you are using a self signed cert for your S3 bucket? If so, please look at our client configuration part of this document and add the appropriate certs to your cacerts file on your local “new” machine:


Thanks @ztrubow for your reply. If I use the new Amazon S3 Connector node I get the same error.

There shouldn’t be any self signed certificates for the S3 bucket as others on my team use the same node with no issue, and I’ve never had an issue either until this new computer. So I presume It is something with my new machine but haven’t been able to de-bug it with IT.

Below is the configuration for this node. Nothing else is selected on the other tabs



As @ztrubow mentioned, PKIX certification path errors are usually related to SSL/certificates (as mentioned in the exception) - please see [1] for details on a similar issue. Perhaps there is an intermediary (firewall/proxy or something) in between your desktop where the workflow is running and the target S3 server that breaks the certificate chain and makes it complain. If that’s the case, you could try adding the missing certificate(s) to your AP client’s cacerts file and resolve the issue that way.

Did you ever have to undergo a similar process on your old computer?
Or - are you accessing the S3 service from the same exact network/network path that your colleagues are?


[1] Certificate Issues.