sample customer training data source

Hi I’m looking for advice. Not sure if this is the right category… I have been out of the Knime community for a number of years… it’s grown a lot!

Does anyone know where I can find a freely available data sets that have tables for companies, contacts (fakes pii), activity/response (campaign and members and status) and deal info/status for the purpose of training and tuning a model? For education and demonstration purposes?

I was picturing there are multiple tables:

  • Contacts
  • Accounts/Companies
  • Opportunities/Deals
  • Campaigns and Campaign members and statuses / Activities/Responses


On LinkedIn someone shared this with me:

Not exactly what I was looking for but maybe close enough if I can link up a couple tables with some made up relationships. Just thought I would share with others.

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@DemandEngineer one classic example might be the (fake) Northwind database that was used for playing around with MS Access back in the days.

More standard datasets can be found on Kaggle or in this collection: