Sample data (repositories) for teaching


Dear all,

We had several lively discussion at KNIME Spring Summit about sample data that can be used for teaching. Those discussions have revealed a great need of the educators community.

Since I personally don’t think that starting another repository for sample data is a great idea, I’d like to propose coming up with a selection of resources that you use when teaching data science (which should somehow also be importable into KNIME). Chime in if you know of any resources and I will compile them into a list at the end of this post.




This is a very good idea. For Time series there are two sources (previously hosted by Rob J Hyndman)
(unfortunately I just read that DataMarket has been acquired by Qlik and seemingly access will be restricted)



I believe Michael mentioned during the academics meeting. They have a nice archive of freely available data organized by type - for example, finance, census, sports, and several others. They also have an integration with KNIME, which is handy. :slight_smile:



Thanks for clearing up my personal confusion! I was under the impression that is more on the private data deposition side of things…

I have silently added to my first post since I was super impressed by what they have build. Unfortunately, the last commit to the integration was in 2014…