Dear All, hello. Here in our company we have a SAP connector node. It works perfectly with all KNIME versions up to 4.2.5. However for later versions like 4.3 or 4.4 it gives the following error: ERROR SAP R3 RFC Downloader 3:847:829:867 Execute failed: begin 32, end 41, length 40. So i would appriciate any help or advise about how to fix this problem. Thank you.

Hi @DeMytrych,

do you have an example workflow with the node? :thinking:

It does sound like this is a standard knime node - right? Or do you have problems with the following node?

If this is a custom private node just within your company… then I think we won’t be able to help you :thinking:
If this is the case maybe you can try to reach out to the Knime support or maybe check out the node upgrade guide in the developer corner


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