SAP HANA Connection

I am new to KNIME.My usecase is very simple…I have to read WSDL file and write it to SAP HANA database. I registered ngdbc.jar file in preferences page and when using DBConnector node to connect with HANA.I am getting below error.

Please help me ASAP.

Hi there @niat1970,

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Have you seen these topics regarding connection to SAP HANA?

For completeness here is link to Database Guide where you should all all the necessary info:

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@ipazin , I went through the topics and performed all mentioned action.I had registered ngdbc.jar file also in preferences page.Please see the screenshot and the node used was Dbconnector.
Here is the screenshot of DB Connector config
Let me know if you find any issue in configuration.
Please guide me ,if i am doing something wrong.

Hello niat1970,

the Database URL looks good. Can you provide more information on the error that you get. You should find more information on the problem in the KNIME log (View->Open KNIME log). Ideally you attache the stack trace of the error here but please check that it does not contain any sensitive information.

Attached you can find a workflow that I used to connect to the SAP Hana Express Edition. Please have a look at the settings that I changed (highlighted in the dialog in bold) in the Advanced tab of the DB Connector node or have a look at this screenshot:

Also please make sure that you have the correct SAP HANA license since the SAP HANA Runtime license only allows to access the data via the Application Layer but not via JDBC.



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