SAP reader (Theobald software) node - Hierarchy extraction issue

The SAP reader node works fine except for the Hierarchy extraction.

In the XtractUniversal software the data from Hierarchies can be extracted and send it to a csv file, however, while using the node in KNIME, no data is displayed while using a hierarchy extraction, for other extraction types (BW Query, table, etc.) it works fine.

The node looks like reading the data but the data cannot be displayed, I tried all different encoding types as I thought this could be the issue, however no data is displayed.

The error message I get from KNIME in the console is as per below:

ERROR SAP Reader (Theobald Software) 0:618 Error while mapping row ‘1’

ERROR SAP Reader (Theobald Software) 0:618 Error while mapping row ‘458’
WARN SAP Reader (Theobald Software) 0:618 Node created an empty data table.

I checked with Theobald but they just referred me to you.

Any help on that will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


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As just discussed and found out via the knime.log (thanks @tobias.koetter), the Theobald Node does not tolerate missing values in Date-Type columns - this will be fixed in the next Bugfix release 4.4.2 (internal ticket reference: AP-17456)

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As @LukasS said this fix is included in version 4.2.2. which is available from last week.


Thank you!

I can confirm that it works now the Hierarchy extraction, however, I have still this issue with the BW Query extraction if there is a Date with value ‘#’, could you please help?

See for your reference:
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Hello @MarcEM,

glad to hear that. Unfortunately don’t have anything to add to my latest reply in above linked topic :wink: