SAP Reader (Theobald Software) node doesn't provide all the data

Hi KNIME Team,

There is an issue with the SAP Reader (Theobald Software) node in KNIME.

The extraction of a BW Query is set-up in the XtractUniversal and it works fine it shows correct data but in KNIME some records doesn’t appear, if I use the GET Request node, then I can perform the call to the extraction and get all the data, but not if I use the SAP Reader node:


Extraction type: BW Cube (Query)
XtractUniversal version
KNIME version: 4.4.1

Please also refer to your internal ticket reference: AP-17456

Could you please help on that?

Is there a roadmap where we can see what is planned for next upgrade? Or at least that we can see when the new upgrade will come?

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Hello @MarcEM,

the above mentioned ticket is closed and part of nightly build:

You can install nightly and give it a try.



Hello Ivan,

Do not close this ticket!

I see that regarding the Hierarchies issue, it is in the roadmap, but this is different issue (sorry for adding this information in the same ticket).

The NEW issue is that in some BW Query extractions, the data that is available in KNIME through the SAP Reader (Theobald software) node is not the complete data set!

This is a huge bug as we cannot then rely on this node for which we pay a license.

Please see the attached screenshots above and let me know in case any clarification is needed.

Using the SAP Reader node we get 199 rows
Using GET request call we get 211 rows


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Hello Marc,
I have contacted you via private message to sort out the problem.


Hello @MarcEM,

I see. Got confused there a bit. Anyways I’m sure Tobias will take care of it appropriately.


HI Ivan,

so with the new KNIME version 4.4.2, the hierarchy extraction worked even with empty Date field.

However we have an issue while extracting data from a BW Query where the Date field value is ‘#’, for those records, the data is not replicated to KNIME.

Could you please help?