SAS7BDAT (DSREAD) and Flow Variables

I am trying to use the SAS7BDAT node to read a set of SAS files.  While I've had no problems using the node to read a single file, I have several hundred to scan through, and wanted to perform the reading within a loop, setting the SAS File name with a flow variable. 

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to figure out which variable to set.  The main tab is clear and works fine.


However, I'm lost as to which variable would set this. There is no clear correspondence with any of the variables listed in the config dialog box's "Flow Variables" tab.


Does anyone know which variable would control the file name and path?  Is there some way that I can dig in under the hood to see what matches what?  Any and all assistance would be appreciated.




I adapted a solution from Richard99 to the SAS node. I'm not sure this is what you want but let's try. 

At the begining I used a "List Files" node then I connected to it a Table row to variable loop start. Then I expanded the red blobs and connected after it a Sas reader. In the sas reader I selected one of the sas file. I placed all of them in a special directory previously. In the flow variables of this node I set the Flow variable "import" to "location" and I connect a loop end. After the execution all my hundred sas files containig the same column names where concatenated all together.


Best regards.